DNC Professional Career Development Program (PCD Program)


我们特别与澳洲当地的大中型fund management company达成合作,为我们的学生提供在实际工作中学习的好机会,与本地文化充分接触,与投资经理人一起工作,使你的履历经过三个月的锻炼变的真正有含金量,更有在实习结束后拿到工作合同的机会!

Course Fee $3480 ($2000 Administrative fee is refundable if internship cannot be placed)

Program Outline

Section 1: Investment banking industry and fund management (4 Sessions)


Session One : Introduction of the fund administration industry (4 hours)

  • Structure of fund administration
  • Fund administration division and define administrator’s roles
  • Rules and regulations
  • Identify regulatory filings and framework governing fund administration
  • How all the parties involved working together
  • Test 

Session Two: Introduction to Derivatives and fund administration application (4 hours)

  • History of the derivatives
  • What are the derivatives
  • Types of different derivatives: Exchanged traded and OTC
  • Major parties involved in the derivative markets
  • How to book future trades on domestic funds  according to broker statements 
  • How to calculate the valuations of the future funds
  • How to read the Swap contracts and instructions
  • How to calculate the Market to market value of the Swaps 

Session Three: Corporate actions events introduction and fund administration treatments (4 hours)


  • Different types of CA events
  • Impact of the CA event
  • The methods of processing the corporate actions
  • Bookkeeping and reporting of the CA events from administrators’ perspectives

Session Four: European sovereign debt crisis and bond market (4 hours)

  • Bond Terminology and Market Features
  • Bond Yields and Pricing
  • Duration and Convexity
  • Pricing a Bond using the Theoretical Spot Rate Curve
  • Pricing a Bond with Default Risk using the Theoretical Spot Rate Curve
  • Bond Risk Management:
  • Yield to Maturity
  • Interest Rate Risk Management and Duration
  • Swaps

Section 2: Excel Skills (2 Sessions/3 hours per session)

Session 1

Prerequisites – Basic knowledge of Windows based computer. No previous experience with Excel is necessary

  • The Fundamentals of Excel - entering data and text
  • Selecting entire Column/Rows
  • Using the Auto fill
  • Cut, Copy, Insert, Delete, Paste Special  
  • Custom Formatting
  • Excel Formulas – essentials
  • Useful functions and Paste Function
  • Printing –Page breaks
  • Data Sorting, Hiding, Data
  • Basic Charts, Basic Formatting  
  • If Function

Outcomes – Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create basic formulas, print and format excel spreadsheets. Students will also now be familiar with the basic uses of Excel and be familiar when navigating through it.

Session 2

Prerequisites – This course assumes the user is familiar with the basics of Excel or has completed Excel lesson 1.

  • Worksheet Formulas  - essentials
  • Conditional formatting with the IF function
  • V lookups and H lookups
  • Data manipulation – Deducing datasets, freeze panes, dealing with Columns/rows
  • Data Validation
  • Advanced Filters, Advanced sorting techniques
  • Advanced Charts – secondary axis, data labels 
  • Protection, Moving sheets between different workbooks
  • Custom Views, Report Manager, Hyperlinks, Outlining

Outcomes – This course allows the user to use more advanced techniques to analyse and manipulate datasets in Excel.

Session 3

Prerequisites – This course is for people who are already familiar with creating complex spreadsheets and want to use more sophisticated techniques to manipulate and analyze data.

  • Advanced Formulas
  • Advanced Filters, Text To Columns, Importing Text Files
  • Pivot Tables
  • Scenarios, Solver
  • Data Tables and Consolidation
  • Macros


Section 3: Internship placement 3months  

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