For many students, Excel is like a rocket science which is so hard to master. The fact is if you wish to find an office job, Excel skill is a must and you if don’t put on your CV that you have advanced Excel skills, you will not even get a chance for interview. Our course is designed to fit all your needs from basic level to advance level, ensuring you to master Excel within limited time. Our teacher is a very experienced data analyst working in one of the biggest property valuation companies in Australia; with his extensive experience in data analysis he will take you to the highest level of the office Excel which will give you great confidence in your interview and workplace.

Duration: 2 sessions (3 hours per session)

Price: $ 299 (报名此课程可免费赠送Excel法典插件)

Course software: Microsoft office 2010


Course Outline

Part 1

Prerequisites – Basic knowledge of Windows based computer. No previous experience with Excel is necessary

  • The Fundamentals of Excel - entering data and text
  • Selecting entire Column/Rows
  • Using the Auto fill
  • Cut, Copy, Insert, Delete, Paste Special  
  • Custom Formatting
  • Excel Formulas – essentials
  • Useful functions and Paste Function
  • Printing –Page breaks
  • Data Sorting, Hiding, Data 
  • Basic Charts, Basic Formatting  
  • If Function

Outcomes – Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create basic formulas, print and format excel spreadsheets. Students will also now be familiar with the basic uses of Excel and be familiar when navigating through it.

Part 2

Prerequisites – This course assumes the user is familiar with the basics of Excel or has completed Excel lesson 1.

  • Worksheet Formulas  - essentials
  • Conditional formatting with the IF function
  • V lookups and H lookups
  • Data manipulation – Deducing datasets, freeze panes, dealing with Columns/rows
  • Data Validation
  • Advanced Filters, Advanced sorting techniques
  • Advanced Charts – secondary axis, data labels  
  • Protection, Moving sheets between different workbooks 
  • Custom Views, Report Manager, Hyperlinks, Outlining

Outcomes – This course allows the user to use more advanced techniques to analyse and manipulate datasets in Excel.

 Part 3

Prerequisites – This course is for people who are already familiar with creating complex spreadsheets and want to use more sophisticated techniques to manipulate and analyze data.

  • Advanced Formulas 
  • Advanced Filters, Text To Columns, Importing Text Files 
  • Pivot Tables
  • Scenarios, Solver 
  • Data Tables and Consolidation 
  • Macros 

Outcomes – This course is designed to allow students to extend their knowledge and skills in excel beyond building simple worksheets and formulas. This course will allow students to use advanced techniques to manipulate and analyse data.

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